Simply put, inVEst is Virtual Enterprise’s first ever equity trading platform.  Think of it as a stock market for Virtual Enterprise companies. You can utilize the blockchain in order to invest income into different companies you believe will be successful.

What is inVEst?

We plan to launch a functional blockchain-based investment network in partnership with Virtual Enterprise in January.  

When will I be able to invest?

A blockchain is a new type of computing system that is revolutionizing the way data is processed and stored.  Essentially, a network of decentralized nodes work together in order to establish consensus and manage different types of data.  In the case of inVEst, this data is the record-keeping of investments via ERC20 tokens.

What is a blockchain?

Eventually, each student will be provided with a digital “wallet” that contains a set of cryptographic keys that ensure you have proof of your investments.  More information will become available as we come closer to launching the blockchain system.

How do I invest?

Stock prices are affected by a company’s performance in competitions.  A successful business plan score, for example, would mean all investments would increase in value.  The inverse is also true.

How do stock prices rise and fall?
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